What are the advantages of a metal roof to new construction?

What are the advantages of a metal roof to new construction

Whether you are building a new commercial or residential building, one of the best choices you can make is to install a metal roof. There is no need to install a cheaper quality material that will force you to replace it after a few years. The variety of available materials can be overwhelming but metals remain to be among the best options. The use of these materials has been gaining a high level of popularity. In this article, we will be exploring the benefits of using metal roofing on new construction. It will help you to know whether it is sensible to choose these roofs or not.


You have to replace a typical asphalt shingle after 12 to 20 years. On the other hand, asphalt shingles have an average lifespan of 17 years. After installation, fiberglass materials that are present in the asphalt shingles begin to deteriorate with immediate effect with precipitation and sun exposure. Wood shingles have a tendency of drying out and start to curl and crack over time. Concrete tiles are not the best for buildings in northern climates because of contraction and expansion with the thaw/freeze cycle. On the contrary, metal roofing doesn’t contract, expand, curl, crack, or decompose like other roofing products.

Design Styles

The good thing about metal roofs is that they come in a broad range of design styles. You can choose metal roofing to match virtually any climate or architectural style. It is also possible to opt for metal products to mimic other materials like cedar shakes, shingles, and tiles.

Green Benefits

Disposal of non-metallic roofing materials results in about 20 billion pounds of shingles that occupy the landfills each year. When removing the metal roofs, 50% of these materials are recycled for reuse. When you install metal roofs, the material will also help to insulate the building. It will prevent the costly losses of heat in the winter and loss of cooling during the summer season. Light-colored metals have reflective properties that deflect the sun rays to keep your house cool.

Value for your Structure

Metal roofing adds an exceptional long-term value to your home. While it may cost you slightly higher to install this product, you will really love the long-life property of the roofing. The maintenance work of metal roofs is also lower than the other products. Its maintenance-free benefit is appealing to so many property owners.

Cost Savings

Most people in America re-roof their homes within 30 years. However, with metal roofing, you will not have to carry out the task for all your lifetime. Those people of the next generation are the ones who may probably replace the roof. Some roofing companies will give you a warranty of up to 30 years for metal products. Insurance firms will also give you huge discounts when you choose to use metal roofing materials.

Workmanship and Product Warranty

Metal roofing products have an exceptional warranty. The product manufacturers and also the installing company will both give you a warranty. Most of these warranties are transferable to new homeowners. It presents a striking selling point if you ever wish to list your house on the market. Therefore, it is good to install metal roofs on new buildings.